Salento needs to be experienced leisurely on foot or by bike along paths tailored to the guests of Livantea AgriResort & Residence.

Otranto and its valleys, the countryside, the northern coast towards the Alimini and southern coast up to Porto Badisco are rich in historical evidence and breathtaking views.

Welcome to the Porta d’Oriente (half day – 17 km). A guided bike excursion is provided to explore the easternmost city of Italy, with a stop at the Cathedral to hear the story of the largest floor mosaic in Europe and at the Cappella dei Martiri. Afterwards you take part in a wine tasting in an original cellar, a few steps away from the picturesque Baia dei Turchi.

Travel up the Coast, but by bike (full day – 36 km). By cycling along country lanes, you come across dovecote towers, farms, coastal towers and then surrounded by a stunning scenery along the coast up to Porto Badisco, renowned for its sea urchins, you are rewarded with a refreshing bath.

Travel the Hinterland by bike (full day – 26 km). By cycling along small little-known towns yet endowed with artisan, gastronomic and historical heritage, you stop for a picnic and then visit a pottery workshop and an old weaving mill. You arrive at one of the largest megalithic gardens in Italy (with Menhirs and Dolmens) and chill out in the underground oil mill, listening to the stories of Basilian and Nachiri monks.

Going for a bike ride… cycling leisurely (combi bike ride + tasting of local baked products – full day – 31 km). Accompanied by a qualified hiking guide or by a gpx track, you proceed along an easy path with moderate gradients coming across the traditional weaving studio Le Costantine Foundation, Cripta di S. Salvatore, Menhir S. Paolo, Dolmen Li Scusi, Masseria Grande, Torre Minervino, Porto Badisco, Via Francigena.

With your feet dangling in the water. (trekking + canoe combi – full day – 11 km). Accompanied by a qualified hiking guide or gpx track, you take an easy hiking path with moderate differences in height along Via Francigena and Via Romana coming across Menhir di Giovanni Malcantone, Chiesetta della Madonna della Serra, Porto Badisco and Grotta degli Amanti. Then you can rent a canoe and paddle around the beautiful cove guided by a qualified sea-kayak instructor.

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